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Saffran Group prides itself on providing the best customer service, quality products and verstile solutions.

Over the years, Saffran Group has contributed to bringing the world closer

From the very heart of Japan "the land of the rising sun" through the fast developing relationship with South East Asia, Sub Saharan Africa and Pakistan we have been leading the way for over 13 years to bring our customers the best services and products available.

Lines of Business

IT Services

IT Services

We provide customized and comprehensive IT solutions to streamline your operations and help your business grow to match today's digital-focused world.



We bring the world's renowned Japanese superiority in the automotive industry to your doorstep. Buy yourself a Japanese car from the comfort of your home.

Surgical Instruments

Beauty & Surgical Instruments

We focus on quality and durability when it comes to surgical instruments. Shop our hand-finished products for guaranteed precision, safety, and reliability.



You only want the best for your children and their mental development. Buying toys through us lets you rest assured that you are bringing the highest quality and most fun home for your kids.

Saffran Group International

We began in 2007 with a vision to launch a business that will act as a bridge between multiple continents, creating friendly and beneficial relations.


Saffran is acting as a bridge between the East and the West for almost a decade. With employees from South East Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, and the Indian subcontinent working together, we are heading towards an international junction for trade and investment combining rapidly growing economies.

Saffran by Numbers

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Countries globally
Countries globally
Countries globally
Countries globally
Countries globally

Saffran by Years

From one man's vision to a modern powerhouse. Today, Saffran Group has grown to become a globally-respected business with a successful and diverse portfolio.

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We're helping enterprises reach a brighter destination

With our exceptional expertise from decades in the automotive, IT, surgical instruments and toys sectors, we feel confident that we can venture into new fields and provide services worthy of our customers. We intend to help people improve their quality of life by revealing new prospects.

"One of the world's most engaged and creative organizations"

- Saffran Group Partner

Countries globally

The confidence, aptitude, and values are in place to make South East Asia, Sub Saharan Africa & Pakistan fit for the upcoming trends that the world is heading towards.


Exploring of Tomorrow's Potential

Today, we're uniquely positioned to be a powerful partner and trusted advisor for investors and businesses in South East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Pakistan - a region hungry for new business and development. We're keen to highlight these opportunities and to share our knowledge along with the success it brings with those looking to accompany us in our journey.

We're here to help people find better opportunities

It is one of our long-term goals to improve the social and economic welfare of the growing population of Sub Saharan Africa, Pakistan, and beyond.

Countries globally
Countries globally

Pioneering positive change in the communities we serve - and far beyond


Changing Lives

We do not define people by their problems but by their potential. Therefore, we invest in training, job creation, and starting businesses aimed at helping communities transform themselves. It's also why we support and showcase art and artists to inspire people worldwide. We hope to become a force pioneering positive change in the communities we serve - and far beyond.

A victorious Collaboration

For more than two years we have been the proud sponsor of the Japanese Language Program at the National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences in Pakistan. Nurturing the students for their bright future and competition in the pursuit of excellence. With young, ambitious and connected populations, South East Asia, Sub Saharan Africa, and Pakistan are modernizing and developing at a rapid pace. Across the regions, new doors are opening and new markets are flourishing. We're connoisseurs in this emerging and vibrant marketplace and can share deep insights into its patrons and their aspirations.