About Us

We are firm to carry out our entire vision with full enthusiasm and devotion.

Saffran Group International, which was initiated in 2007, with the sole purpose of providing the distinctive and remarkable services to the customers. The company started by providing import services of Japanese automobiles whose success later expanded into providing services of diverse range of products. Saffran Group International is highly vigorous in rendering vast array of essentials; IT, automobiles, surgical instruments, stones, health and beauty products and toys in the efficient, effective and coherent manner.

Saffran Group International aims to expand its horizon with full fidelity and persistence. We provide Japanese vehicles at reasonable prices for all, including students with modest budget for their ease. Our services are further includes providing quality surgical instruments to hospitals and doctors that are reliable and effectual in essence. We are also keen about our customer need and therefore entertain health and beauty products. And in addition to our services, we also have an IT department that comprises of technical expertise that provides top notch tech-related solutions and softwares to our customers. In short, we our vision in focused upon enhancing quality standard of lifestyle.

Saffran Group International is a fully integrated organization that bestow its stakeholders and customers with the crucial features of lionize, comfort and management.

Our Mission

We choose to stand beyond the services by making infinite possibilities. We are here to deliver the best with our services with fidelity, consistency and sense of responsibility. We strive to enrich our bonds with the customers, enhance associations with stakeholders to generate maximum output globally.

Our ceo

Mirza Asif Baig

We believe the myths of:

• Listening to others

• Building relationships

We’re all working together; that’s the secret

We drive the company’s vision, innovation, strategy and growth as it provides interesting and unique ways for customer’s satisfaction.

We are working to achieve ‘vision’ & our long-term ‘management vision’ for upcoming years. We set up plans, defined our key goals and remain focused on these strategies.

Innovation plays a critical role in swiftly creating quality products and services for our clients. We are establishing a dedicated innovation plans to guide our efforts and are teaming up with start-ups. We are also planning to conduct research into the latest technologies. I am personally committed to pursuing these initiatives for the betterment in our business.

We seek to deliver a better tomorrow as a trusted partner to our clients, embodying the values of entrepreneurial leadership, teamwork and integrity.