Inspiring Toys to Encourage Childrens Brain Stimulation

Saffran Group International is also a distributor of toys. We aimed to build the best online toy store in Pakistan. Initially we started the service as an import business, then we realized that we should provide the same products at the same reduced price to everyone, and not just retailers. We now deliver products to your home’s doorstep, via couriers.

Saffran Group International wants its customers to have an amazing shopping experience; which is why we are offering a wide range of products. Customers can find everything they want in one place.

We have different types of toys suitable for children of 1 to 12 years. Every toy is made in perfect design and free of sharp corners, gaining great attraction for the children. Baby’s cognitive processes start to develop in their first year, so toys with the creative and sheltered designs helps them learn and develop their self-expression skills.

Toys that are made for 1 to 12 age group helps them communicate with words, as well as engage them in interactive and instructive thinking. Toys for the 8 to 12 age group are made with such a technical and conceptual design that get them thinking about science, technology, engineering and math. We have different varieties of toys that can please all different tastes and interests.

Note: Every toy is made of pure germ-free plastic, if any child gets any kind of allergic reaction or injury from the toys, the company is ready to take full responsibility.

Service Advantage

We are associated with the most famous and reliable companies. We have the most entertaining products and remarkable services to the customers based on our boundless creativity and enthusiasm, so that they can rely on us completely.